Monday, December 14, 2009

My Favourite Summery Things

I think I must be a difficult person. Climate wise, I mean. I am always complaining endlessly about the cold in winter, then whinging about the heat in summer. In an attempt to embrace the thirty plus degree heat that I will be enduring for the next few months, I am writing about all the positives of summer; the things that just aren’t the same in other seasons. Hopefully, this will help to distract myself from the sweltering heat of my non-air-conditioned house.

Walks -

I love going for long walks just before sunset. The weather is usually lovely, and I don’t need a jacket, or an umbrella. Just my music, and myself. Leaving in the early evening usually means that the sky is turning into night by the time you get home. I am fortunate to live in a suburb that has numerous tranquil, leafy paths to tread. Bliss. I always sleep like a baby after a lovely evening stroll. This is my kind of exercise – no strange electrical equipment involved!

Books -

After my aforementioned walks, I love sitting down with a book. I have just finished W. M. Thackeray’s Vanity Fair, and am currently halfway through Joan Lindsay’s Picnic at Hanging Rock. I also find summer great time to read all those books you buy through the year, but never actually read. This is a bit of an expensive habit of mine. My 2009 unread bookshelf includes James Joyce’s epic Ulysses, and Siobhan O’Brien’s biography of Florence Broadhurst, one of my favourite Australian designers. Speaking of biographies, I also must tackle Hermione Lee’s biography of Virginia Woolf. There is also the copy of David Malouf’s Remembering Babylon that a friend recommended to me, and while I think of it, I never did finish Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. I am clearly not going to have any trouble filling my time this summer.


Being a cold person means I normally spend winter encased by several layers of projective garments. I love being able to wear cute dresses and sandals in summer. Not to mention my gorgeous broad brimmed hat (think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and my great-aunt’s floral parasol. One is generally more elegant when not swamped in jumpers and cardigans. I especially love wearing simple cotton dresses. Vintage shops and are a great way to find these, without having to pay the ridiculous price of most shops.

When I’m feeling indulgent, I treat myself to something from Mod Cloth, my favourite online shop. I love the retro style of their clothes, and unlike a vintage piece, you’re not limited to whatever size the item happens to be in. Not to mention the great titles of the products –anyone for a Tulle There Was You or a Sequins of Events dress? Check the site out – I promise that it is even fun just to look at, as the postage from American can make for an expensive investment.

My Garden -

I must have hit the jackpot with my rental house. Lust summer my housemates and I discovered our garden was filled with beautiful fruit trees. Figs, plums, apricots, apples and cherries. I love seeing all the fallen fruit scattered across the ground when I walk outside. Not to mention the prospect of making delicious fig tarts and plum pies. I also have a pretty pink rose bush, and white oleanders amongst other lovely flowers. I am also quite relieved that these are bearing fruit this year, after my attempts at growing herbs over the past few months have resulted in several deaths. There is always next year.

Food -

I love summer food! Fresh seafood and delicious salads. Not to mention delicious fresh juices. I like to experiment with salads and put as many different delicious ingredients in them as I can. When I can afford seafood, I am in heaven. I especially love having fresh prawns, cooked lightly, then dipped in lemon juice, then salt. Give it a try – you don’t need anything else, trust me they are delicious!

Speaking of delicious, summer ice creams are another favourite of mine. The first time I went to Paris it was summer, and almost every day I went to one of the numerous ice cream carts and purchased a delicious scoop of ice cream, in a cone of course. There is something so childish about ice cream cones, they are one of those things that you never grow out of, yet always remind you of being a kid. My favourite flavours are vanilla and pistachio. Yum yum!

With all of these things to occupy me, I guess I can survive the heat. Though I may need a fan to help me out. Besides, it won’t be too long before I will need to get out my winter tights again. Then I can indulge in hot chocolates and wear my cute winter coats and scarves again.



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  1. Grace! That was the loveliest post! It actually made me stop and appreciate summer (and all its fun trappings) for once. -- Esther xx