Friday, August 20, 2010


I seem to be able to find all sorts of ways to procrastinate during the endless days spent studying for me thesis. Lately at my second home - the National Library of Australia - I have been 'researching' the photographs of an Australian entertainment photographer from the 1970s. As you can imagine, endless hours spent reading through the Australian entertainment magazine POL, which is a bit like the 70s eqquivalent of 'Frankie' with a bit of 'Rolling Stone' and 'Cosmopolitan' thrown in.

In an effort to procrastinate further, I thought I would share some lovely gems from the magazine.
So I'm pretty sure I need to get myself one of these pantsuits! So practical, yuet so stylish.
Did anyone say Orlando Bloom?

A girls gotta have some croched pants!

I'm really not sure what's goiung on in this pic, but that sparkly number is amazing!

I'm guessing this pic is trying to advertise the furniture? But that guy is hilarious!!

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