Friday, February 12, 2010

Cubans and Coffee

As mentioned in my post earlier this week (a not so subtle way to say: "look! I'm posting twice in a week!"), one of the things I was looking forward to in Wellington was the cafes. I'm not sure what it is, but Wellington has a ridiculous number of quirky, interesting cafes that produce fantastic coffee.

Because I haven't been here long enough to visit all the centrally located cafes, I'm not yet up to anointing any particular one with a "Best Coffee" award (give me another week though...). However, what I can say at this stage is that Fidel's cafe on Cuba Street is all kinds of awesome.

A nice start to a morning? A long black, date scone and The Dominion Post.
I'd say that was pretty damn nice.

So, why is Fidel's awsome?

Their long blacks. They're strong, not too long, the beans are never burnt, and the they're served hot enough to boil the inside of your mouth. So, they're pretty much perfect.

They produce excellent date scones. Oh yes they do. They're so damn good that I bother getting up early so I can ensure I get one (and, if it weren't for the similarly tasty (but very different) scones at Finc, I'd be prepared to declare them the best in Wellington).

There's a variety of inside/outside seating options - they have two (two!) different groovy courtyards!

And the staff are friendly. Always.

Mad props go to Fidel's.

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  1. That scone looks amazing! Sounds like you're having lots of fun my dear.