Thursday, May 6, 2010

Apologies and the like

Sorry dear blog-readers!

The lovely Miss Grace and I have been of late, drowning under various mountains (like those confused metaphors do ya?) of university work.

So, until Grace deciphers Marxist theories and how they apply to the visual arts and I deduce whether NZ Aid's gender policies are structured within a liberal feminist framework or are simply examples of gender-mainstreaming, please excuse our blogging absence(s)!

As an apology, here are some pretty photos of charming chicken wire fence on Vivian Street (chicken wire fences can be charming, can't they?) that I took back when I still had a functioning camera and an optimistic outlook on the world (many hours in a university library (even one with a stunning view out over a city, hills and harbour like here at Vic) will kill that outlook off, no worries).


xx Esther

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