Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dachshund U.N.

Honestly, I don't think art gets much better than this.

Perth-based artist Bennett Miller has created an instillation which critiques the dysfunctional nature of the U.N. using, wait for it, dachshunds. 47 of them, one for each member-nation, and a chairperson (or chairdog). 47 dachshunds. How very, very fantastic.

Because I really should continue writing my essay on Alfred, Lord Tennyson (best name ever!) and Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, I'm being a bit lazy, and will just give you the ABC's interview with Miller, as he describes what he is trying to convey through the piece:

"I think the UN does a lot of amazing things but it is an inherently difficult idea to pull off. It is hard for all these countries to give up their own sovereign interests to a broader global interest," he said.

"I'm trying to make an accurate imitation of what I see in the UN, or more so what I see is the reputation of the UN. So I had to have elements that were positive and elements that were negative."

"My sculpture is dysfunctional and that is also true of the UN but it is also quite a beautiful scene when you look at all the dogs. I hope that is what people take away from it but I can't control it completely," he said.

The instillation is on at the Museum of Victoria, and has been happening for the last three Saturdays, beginning at 2pm. This Saturday is the final sitting of the Dachshund U.N. If you're in Melbourne, go along. I'm sure it will be a spectacular celebration of the dachshund.

The photo is courtesy of one of my cousins who went and said she almost fainted from the cuteness of the cajilion dogs.

xx Esther

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