Sunday, May 9, 2010

Body Paint, Folk-Pop and a bit of TV

Ok, I admit it. This is, without a doubt, an essay procrastination post.

And, it's also blatant advertising for Air New Zealand - with whom I have no affiliation - I just really like flying with them. One of the reasons behind my Air NZ loyalty is for their AWESOME (and believe me, I don't use caps lock lightly) safety video (by the way, if anyone knows how to embed youtube videos, rather than just giving the hyperlink, please let me know!).

The song in this clip is by Gin Wigmore. It's called "Under Your Skin". Fans of Angus and Julia Stone are likely to enjoy Gin Wigmore's music, though I think there's more "pop" in Wigmore's folk-pop songs than in A & J Stone's music. However, I think her voice sounds quite like Julia Stone's, except less quavery.

I also really like the track "S.O.S" by Wigmore. This song recently appeared at the end of a "Go Girls" episode. (Segue...) I've been loving watching "Go Girls" lately. It's a quality kiwi comedy-drama, with very unique, fresh characters. While I think "Go Girls'" writers tend to rely too heavily on mis-communication for their drama, (a topic for a different post), it's very much still a show worth watching.


xx Esther

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