Sunday, June 6, 2010

Violet Songs

It is about this time of year when the you just want to stay indoors, rug up and relax. For fellow uni students, it is also the time of year when a little distraction is just what the doctor ordered. A few weeks ago someone special introduced me to The National's new album 'High Violet', which has proved the perfect winter album.

The American indie rock band has eclipsed their success with this wonderful album. Their 2007 album 'Boxer' a few years ago received critical acclaim, with 'High Violet' the band's much anticipated follow up record. Fans will not be disappointed by the calming yet sombre album the National released last month.

'High Violet' moves in perfect sequence from track to track, taking you on an acoustic journey. Opening with the melancholy 'Terrible Love' and 'Sorrow', the album draws you in to the tales of heartache, fear and sorrow that fill the tracks. My favourite is 'Afraid of Everyone', with its haunting backing vocals making for one beautifully sad song. 'High Violet' is one of those rare albums that compels you to listen to the very end, with each track complementing and seeming inseparable from the whole (I wish more albums were make like this). While a few upbeat tracks are included in the album, the darkness of the work pervades. The band's fifth studio album is one of maturity, both musically and emotionally. The hauntingly distinct vocals of front man Matt Berninger bring the intense tracks to life. The melancholy sound of the album is perfect for those grey Wintry days when you just don't feel like heading outdoors, and need a little distraction.

If you've never listened to The National before, then 'High Violet' is a great place to start.



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