Saturday, June 12, 2010

To Market To Market!

Okay, so no-one likes the biting winter cold. Waking up freezing and debating whether to get up and brace the cold, or just stay in bed! But Winter does have its charms. For me, there is nothing better to warm me up than a delicious soup, stew, risotto, or any other veggie-laden Winter dish. Surely, this is the season when a day spent indoors cooking up a storm is entirely justified.

All those apple are only $2.50 a kilo, bargain!

With this interest in mind, each Saturday I brace the cold and head out the the Canberra Region Framers Markets, out at Exhibition Park. And I'm not alone! Between 8 and 11am every Saturday the epic centre is a buzz with people buying and selling delicious, local produce. Fruit and vegetable abound - it is very difficult to pick which stall to visit. On top of this, there are loads of different food stands - Asian food, fudge and cake, tea, fresh honey, homemade chutneys and dips - so you can do most of your weekly food shop there. For you fellow caffeine addicts out there, there are two coffee Batista's (which is really the most important thing when you're up that early.)

I bought these to make Esther's grilled vegetable couscous salad

The best thing? Well there are two - the price is generally cheaper than supermarkets, and the quality of the fruit and veg cannot be better. You will never buy a supermarket apple again after tasting the one's at the Farmers Markets. And another plus - buying produce at farmers markets - no matter where you live - supports the local industry. So really, its all win-win.

For more info on the markets, check out the website:

Now to make some delicious soup!



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